Apple Trees


Apple trees for sale, direct from our tree nursery on the Croft! There’s a range of varieties – dessert and cooking – all of which are suitable for our northern climate.

*** 5% discount when you purchase 5 trees or more! *** 10% discount when you purchase 10 trees or more!


We have apple trees for sale, direct from our tree nursery on the Croft!

There’s a range of varieties, dessert, and cooking, all of which are suitable for our northern climate. The trees are one-year-old and supplied bare-rooted. Your tree comes with a tree-planting kit (worth £5), to support and protect it in its new home. This includes a tree guard, support stakes and ties, and a mulch mat.

Please note – we have limited quantities of each variety and some listed below may no longer be available.


  • Adam’s Pearmain– Medium-sized dessert. Season Nov-Mar.
  • Ashmead’s Kernal– Medium-sized dessert. Season Dec-Feb. Needs a sunny location to fully develop flavour, but worth the effort for the intense flavour.
  • Blenheim Orange– Medium- to large-sized dual purpose. Season Oct-Jan.
  • Charles Ross– Medium-sized dual purpose. Season Oct-Dec. Reliable and versatile, widely grown in Scotland.
  • Discovery– Medium-sized dessert. Season l Aug – Sep. Red, sweet and juicy.
  • Egromont Russet– Medium-sized dessert. Season Oct-Dec. Very distinctive rich nutty flavour
  • Fiesta– Medium-sized dessert. Season Oct-Jan.
  • George Cave– Small- to medium-sized dessert. Season Aug.
  • Howgate Wonder– Large- (sometimes very large-) sized cooker. Season Nov-Mar.
  • James Grieve– Medium-sized dessert. Season Sep – Nov. An Edinburgh-bred apple which, not surprisingly, does very well here in Edinburgh!
  • Jonagold– Medium-sized dessert. Season Nov-Mar.
  • Keswick Codling– Medium-sized cooker. Season Aug-Oct.
  • Pixie– Medium-sized dessert. Season Dec-Mar.
  • Red Falstaff– Medium-sized dessert. Season Oct-Dec.
  • Red Windsor– Medium-sized dessert. Season Oct-Nov.
  • Spartan– Medium-sized dessert. Season Nov-Jan.
  • Tydeman’s Early Worcester– Small- to medium-sized dessert. Season Aug-Sep. Beautiful strawberry flavour. Reliably good crop.
  • Warner’s King– Very large-sized cooker. Season Sep-Dec.
  • Worcester Pearmain– Medium-sized dessert. Season Oct-Nov. Very sweet with strawberry flavour. Heavy cropping.

BEFORE ORDERING please contact Jo ( to ensure your preferred variety is available!