The Croft Carbon College, launched in 2018, is a Climate Challenge Fund-supported community education project led by Leith Community Crops in Pots. It is a local centre for raising environmental awareness and provides accessible and engaging courses and community events that encourage Leithers to take both personal and collective action to create a happy, healthy, leafy Leith.

The Croft Carbon College brings together a wide range of individuals and local and national organisations (scroll to the bottom of the Croft Carbon College website’s About page to see some of our partners) concerned with environmental and social issues. Working together, we share ideas and experience, boost our total effectiveness and contribute to each other’s reach and viability.

The first term in  2018 was an enormous success. Building on this, we shall continue to offer a wide range of activities, workshops and courses under the headings ‘Green Skills Workshops’, ‘7 Easy Steps to a Greener You’ and ‘Collective Action’.

So far, the College has focused largely on adults, but we are applying for further funding and in due course, we plan to offer after-school and summer clubs for children too!

For more information, and to sign up for an activity, workshop or activity, please visit the Croft Carbon College website!


The Croft Carbon College basket weaving course on Leith Community Croft in 2019. The CCC makes full use of the Croft’s facilities and is run in collaboration with multiple partners.


In the future, the Croft Carbon College will run after-school and summer clubs for children, in which nature play will feature large!