We’re always looking for trustees and other volunteers to help us with our work. You won’t get paid, but reasonable expenses can be covered and we trust the experience will be valuable for you personally, as well as for ourselves! (For paid work, please check our Recruitment page!)


Our trustees (also known as board members) are responsible for making sure that the charity fulfils its legal obligations and is run in accordance with its purposes, ethos and values. Trustees generally meet once a month but may be asked to give their opinions on various issues at other times. Experience in the third sector, governance, accountancy/financial procedures, environmental issues, and/or education is particularly valued.

juggling on the croft

Volunteers: Croft Carbon College, Market Garden, Hingabootery Pop-Up Café

If you think you have the practical skills and/or enthusiasm (we can offer some training) to help with the Croft Carbon College, our market garden or the Hingabootery (our pop-up café on Leith Community Croft), then, by all means, let us know. We’re happy to discuss how we can match your abilities and interests with our needs.

Contacting Us

If, after having read the above and looked around our website, you feel you might like to help in some way, please in the first instance email LccipAdmin@cropsinpots.org, outlining your relevant interests and/or skills.

We look forward to hearing from you!