Market on the Croft 6th of Sep


Extraordinary farmers market

held last weekend and guess what….

and every SUNDAY with even more traders signing up each week.
                                                              🌻 🤸‍♀️  🌿  🐝  👩‍🌾  🍄  🦔  🚴‍♀️

Regular Traders Include 

Northern Edge Coffee
Greybe Fine Olive Products
MycoBee Mushrooms
The Haggis Box
Woodmill Game

Current COVID advice:

Firstly, the croft has 2 acres of space and therefore it is a safer space for all. The risk of catching this disease are lower outside than in a confined space.
However, we must still be vigilant, please only come to #MarketOnTheCroft if you DO NOT have COVID symptoms
If you have any symptoms or have been around someone who has had symptoms, please stay at home.
Please use sanitiser frequently while on the croft, all traders will have a supply for you to use. Use on arrival and before leaving the croft.
Wash hands thoroughly when you go home as well!
If you decide to come to the croft by public transport please wear a mask if you can, or come by walking or cycling.
While on the croft try to keep more than 2 metrs distance with other people.

Start Time

10:00 am

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Finish Time

5:00 pm

Saturday, September 6, 2025


Leith Community Croft