Let’s name our growing space

We’ve put a call out to help us find a name for our community growing space! 
Have you seen our community land on leith links park?   

We have approximately two weeks before we need to choose the final name. 

Here are some of the suggestions so far… 

Persevere Gardens
Persevere is the motto of Leith so that provides a strong local resonance.
The local community has shown incredible perseverance with the Council for taking so long to find a use for this valuable part of Leith Links!

Leith Community Farm
In the interests of keeping it plain and simple and easy to understand.

Leith Urban Croft 
Nourish Scotland have made a recommendation to the Land Reform Review Group  to bring 10.000 new crofts to the low lands so this name is significant to the wider food sovereignty movement in Scotland.

Sunshone on Leaf
Having a bit of fun and with a playful nature to it, as well as a strong local connection.

Hedgerow Court
The garden is surrounded by a hedge so it is a distinct feature to this particular community space.

Share with us what resonates with you?


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